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Seeing is Believing, You got to Believe for you to see

Suffered from sudden bout of fever and sore throat on Saturday. I am still not feeling good right now. However, I did enjoy my Sunday with my family. I was watching “Santa Clause 2” on Channel 5 with my sister and one of the dialogue gave me a deep impression. I make a bit of change and it is my title “Seeing is Believing, You got to Believe for you to see”.

It is quite true that people tend to believe what they see with their own eyes. However, one never realize that what we see is only one facet of the truth or we only look at things from one angle and the angle that we look at things are affected by our upbringing and the general societal norm. For example, during a conversation with my Primary 4 sister she commented that nurses are all female. I asked how did she observe that. She replied that it is from the TV shows. People tend to forget that what we see on TV is affected by the camera man’s angle of view and that camera angle are restricted. Thus we can only see or watch from one angle. Yet we readily accept what we saw as the one and only universal truth.

I always try to remind myself to shift my paradigm regularly, something I learnt back in secondary. If we are used to a fixed angle or frequency, due to human nature we will be contended with what we get. Once we get contended, we will not questioned or be critical with the information we received. Even though I am the type who believe what I see, I tend to believe only a certain portion . Until I get a fuller picture or I get more source of information then I will accept the full share of information.

Sometimes, we got to believe in something before we see. Our belief will guide us to see what we see. For example, if we believe in kindness we will see kindness in our daily life. A thoughtful act by stranger can be an act of kindness. However, if we do not believe in kindness we will think twice before accepting any kind or helpful act of others. We will be measuring or thinking why the person do that, does he/she has anything to gain from doing that. When we do not believe in kindness or helpfulness, everything will only be reduced to petty gain or losses. That is a very pathetic way to live, when we measure everything in gain or losses.

I believe what I see, yet I got to be critical with what I see. I believe thus I see what I see.


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Greed or Nature?

    When I first heard about the bonus that I may get, I am very excited. I calculated the amount and I am quite overwhelm by the amount. I told myself this is going to be the building block of my reserve. However, after deducting the necessary expenditure and maintanance my plan for reserve shrank by half. A thought rooted and grew in my mind. I wish to have more.

Looking back, my initial thought is contented and happy. Over the later half of the year, life is gettting better as stable income starts flowing in. The bonus is just a plus point that adds to my joy. The latter thought changes. After deducting the necessary expenditure, the bonus shrank but my salary is still untouched. I hoped to have more so that I can build up my reserve more rapidly. Is it my greed or is it nature that humans just want more and are not contented.  Is this good or bad? Wants, desires, wishes and greed are some of the forces that drives human to perform and reach out for more. It is good that man aspire to excel and to have more. But are the motivational factors good? Or it does not matter? As long as man continues to strive for excellence and performances, it does not matter whether the driving force are of good or bad nature.

I am sure many has read about the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk ” and the goose that lays golden egg. Yesterday, I was watching Wild Rice production “Jack and the beansprout”. It is a localised version of the “Jack and the beanstalk”. The same question arises once again.

There is nothing wrong for man to aspire to improve his life. There is nothing wrong to strive for excellence and continuous success. There is nothing wrong to outperform onself every now and then seek for new goals in life. But what is driving force behind our seeking and reaching for new goals in life. Is it greed for more or just some basic expectation of life.

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